Wonder Woman by Cliff Chiang.

The best there is.

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when i was a lil baby softball player (as i was for over 13 yrs of my life), i watched baseball religiously. (my favorite player was jay gibbons, so that was a big bummer)

i always thought of the orioles as a hometown team - we loved them, but they were never gonna be the best, we were just happy if we got to see a win or two at the yard.

idc what else happens, little ten year old me is so hyped right now.

we’re the goddamn AL east champions, by a landslide.

pretty freakin’ cool.


the most unattractive quality to me in other people is constant belittling of what means a lot to others. being contrarian just to be contrarian. people who love to play devil’s advocate. a kind of smugness about everything. an air of being above everyone because you don’t care about anything deeply like the people you mock




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Y E S 

baby’s first palette! … now can someone teach me how to use it properly?

baby’s first palette! … now can someone teach me how to use it properly?

Learn from everyone. Follow no one. Watch for patterns. Work like hell.

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just spent an entire month watching people, local to national, debate if mike brown (a non celebrity) deserved to die, if he was always going to die by bullets, if he deserved to live, if low income black people have it coming because they are classless / scourge of america, if there’s white…

welp, i had a horribly realistic nightmare that still feels like it was real, so… should be a fun day!